7 Best Types of Freestanding Tub: Prices, Styles, Care Tips, Pros & Cons

Below are the top 7 sorts of freestanding tub, from budget to high end, along with approximated costs for each one.
You could spend simply a couple of hundred on a simple, no frills tub … or a couple of thousand on an elegant, hand-carved marble bathtub, as well as every little thing in between. Each bathtub product comes with its very own advantages and disadvantages, as well as requires to be cared for in a particular way.

Plastic Freestanding Tub

This is a wonderful option if you get on a limited spending plan. The greatest aspect of a plastic bathtub is that it holds heat fairly well, so you will have the ability to take pleasure in long soaks. Plastic is additionally less prone to breaking compared to an iron tub with enamel. On the down side, it is vulnerable to scrapes, staining and is not extremely long enduring. This kind of freestanding tub is a great option for a starter budget plan house or a rental building.

Care Pointer:
If you mount a plastic freestanding tub, make certain to avoid extreme, rough cleaners.

Expense: $180-260.

Acrylic Freestanding Tub

Among the most popular, flexible as well as affordable products, that fits almost any style/tub, including whirlpool, is acrylic. It has many advantages that make it pleasurable to make use of and very easy to clean. While an acrylic kind of freestanding tub is normally an affordable alternative, there are premium models offered, costing thousands of dollars. One is envisioned above, a Polymer Air Bathtub by Avon.

Below are the leading benefits of an acrylic freestanding tub:

  • beautiful high gloss finish and texture.
  • warm to the touch.
  • resists fracturing and also damaging.
  • takes on heats and also ultraviolet light.
  • withstands mildew and also rough chemicals.
  • available in a vast array of shades as well as forms, consisting of one-of-a-kind ones, considering that it can be quickly formed.

Treatment Pointer:
Acrylic could be damaged, so its is ideal to clean your bathtub with a moderate, fluid detergent, instead of an unpleasant cleanser.

Cost: $290-500 and also up.

Gel-coated Fiberglass Freestanding Tub

An additional economical, solid yet light-weight bathtub material, offered in lots of sizes and shapes is gel-coated fiberglass. The significant drawback of this material is that it is not lengthy long-term, as well as is at risk to discolorations, mold and mildew. Various other concerns with fiberglass tubs include shade fading and also spider breaking.

Treatment Idea:

To avoid spots and mold and mildew, clean the tub consistently. If you don’t, once the mold and mildew passes through the product, it could be extremely hard or difficult to get rid of.

Price: $500+.

Metal Freestanding Tub

If your bathroom remodel calls for a quaint design, and also loan is not a concern, a metal freestanding tub is a perfect choice. Enameled actors iron, likewise referred to as porcelain, is one of the timeless freestanding bathtubs.

While absolutely lovely, strong and resilient, these bathtubs are really heavy, as well as might need additional floor covering support. Also, they are cold to the touch and also do not retain warmth. To continue to be cozy, you will regularly require to keep adding warm water.

The baked-on enamel surface is immune to cracks as well as chips. However, these will certainly happen ultimately, and will need pricey specialist aid to repair. An additional thing that might not interest many individuals, is that porcelain bathtubs come in restricted sizes and shapes. Many could only fit a single person.

Various other high-end metals for bathtubs that offer a special look are copper, stainless steel (terrific sparkle), as well as nickel layered. They are often made dual– walled to retain heat.

Treatment Idea:

An actors iron freestanding tub is not simple to clean; it has a special “non-skid” surface under, which can be really tough to clean.

Expense: $700-2,000 and up.

Stone Freestanding Tub

If you are aiming to make a bold style declaration, choose a rock tub.

While highly pricey, these bathtubs are often hand-carved and also are a true masterpiece. There are a number of rocks to select from, such as marble, travertine, sandstone and granite. Any of these will certainly bring a sense of natural luxury to your washroom room.

Keep in mind, that a freestanding stone freestanding tub is extremely heavy, so you have to make certain that your restroom flooring could sustain as high as 2000 lb.

A rock bathtub is really positive to the touch as well as preserves warmth better than the majority of other products. It is very lengthy lasting as well as durable, and will not be susceptible to chips and also fracturing.

Treatment Idea:

To maintain its natural charm and also longevity each kind of rock needs its own special care and should cleansed on a regular basis.

Expense: $5,000-16,000 and up.

Wood Freestanding Tub

Wood bathtubs are making a big resurgence in the West as a result of their premium capability to maintain heat longer compared to various other products. They are perfect for saturating and scent therapy rituals. You can custom-made buy a timber bathtub to be any kind of length, deepness and stained to your shade choices.

For an utmost showering experience, take into consideration a handcrafted Japanese soaking bathtub, made of coniferous timber, utilizing special methods that have been used in Japan for lots of centuries. These bathtubs could get very costly, costing over $7,000.

One significant disadvantage of a wood freestanding tub is that over an amount of time, water might harm the timber, as direct exposure to dampness triggers the material to rot, split, fracture as well as warp. To safeguard it from dampness, several manufacturers put a variety of layers of sealer or clear fiberglass. In general, this kind of freestanding tub will not last as long as various other products.

Treatment Tip:

Stay clear of using harsh chemicals when cleaning up the bathtub so that the sealer does not obtain damaged, revealing the wood. It is likewise recommended to make use of a wood bathtub at the very least when a week, to stop it from drying out.

Expense: $1,500-4,500 as well as up.

Resin Freestanding Tub

If you love the appearance of a rock freestanding bathtub, yet your restroom floor can not sustain the heavy weight, a resin bathtub is a perfect option. Material is a top quality composite product, that is very durable, yet light-weight. It can be formed into several different forms as well as sizes. These bathtubs are scratch and tarnish resistant, in addition to easy to take care of.

Treatment Idea:

A lot of dirt with conveniently wash the surface of a material bathtub with cozy water. To preserve your bathtub’s look, merely wipe tidy with a soft cloth after each use. If you need to use a cleaner, utilize one made especially for colored surface areas.

Cost: $2,500-9,000.

Freestanding Bathtub Product Comparisons

Today’s bathtub options are abundant with a host of styles, shapes, dimensions, and products to choose. The selection usually features confusion. Which freestanding tub product is much better? Which is more affordable? Why is one material kind extra costly than another? Make use of the freestanding bathtub product contrasts listed below to obtain a much better understanding of the various kinds of tubs on the market today.

Stone Resin vs. Cast Stone Bathtubs

Rock resin bathtubs are made from a blend of acrylic polymer and natural minerals while actors stone bathtubs consist of smashed rock as well as resin. For instance, cultured marble stone bathtubs normally include a mix of crushed sedimentary rock, materials, and fillers with a clear gel overcoat. Cast stone often tends to be larger, and also a lot more expensive than rock material. Both are simple to tidy and also preserve. If the gel layer of cast rock uses off, fractures might appear, and the porous surface will certainly be more challenging to cleanse.

Rock resin bathtubs are impermeable with remarkable resistance versus mold, microorganisms, spots, dirt, warm, abrasions, chemicals, flaking as well as damage. Ought to breakage occur, fixings are feasible. Stone material likewise has the edge over cast rock pertaining to toughness, heat retention, and price. Stone resin bathtubs are among the simplest to care for, as well because they are scrape- and stain-resistant.

Both products could be formed into virtually any bathtub style, size, and shape, resulting in comfortable bathing experiences.

Rock Material vs. Acrylic Tubs

Polymer bathtubs are made from vacuum-formed acrylic sheets reinforced with fiberglass. Polymer is lighter compared to stone material as well as quite simple to mount, though they could really feel a little bit lightweight therefore. Polymer tubs call for correct support throughout installation, specifically on their stress points. Both stone resin bathtubs and acrylic tubs include a non-porous surface area that’s simple to tidy as well as repairable ought to the surface area ended up being broken or scratched. The coating on acrylic bathtubs can scrape or tarnish gradually. Both products are resilient and with good heat retention.

Acrylic bathtubs have the side over stone resin bathtubs concerning price as well as weight. Nonetheless, stone resin tubs are the clear winner relating to the premium charm, convenience, as well as the overall showering experience.

Rock Resin vs. Cast Iron Bathtubs

Cast iron bathtubs are made from shaped actors iron as well as covered with an enamel covering. Many cast iron bathtubs are much heavier than rock material tubs. Both bathtub kinds are appealing, durable, reduced maintenance tubs with exceptional warm retention and comfort. Both resist damaging and scraping and also are easy to clean and also keep. Just wipe tidy with a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser. With actors iron bathtubs, you’ll desire to use additional treatment by staying clear of rough or acidic products. Do not permit cleansers to soak on actors iron bathtubs. Repair work can be made should damage happen.

Cast iron bathtubs are the heaviest as well as most costly bathtub types. Since of their weight, installation is extra complicated than with a rock resin bathtub. You could require to enhance the flooring when installing a cast iron tub, as an example. Not only is this harder, yet it likewise includes added expenses to the job. Not only is the cost of a cast iron bathtub more than an equivalent stone resin bathtub, however the installment will likewise be a lot more labor intensive, and thus much more expensive.

Stone resin bathtubs have the side over cast iron bathtubs pertaining to expense, weight, and installation.

Stone Resin vs. Fiberglass Tubs

Fiberglass bathtubs are made from layers of polyester resin with fiberglass reinforcement and also a surface coating. They are more affordable compared to stone resin bathtubs as well as lighter. However, they are additionally less resilient and prone to splits, scratches, as well as discoloration/ discolored coatings. As a result of their lightweight construction, fiberglass bathtubs are also reasonably quick as well as very easy to mount whereas rock resin bathtubs could require a little bit a lot more work as well as preparation.

Both product kinds are simple to clean and keep, and fixings are possible must the surface become damaged. Fiberglass tubs, nonetheless, have a permeable surface, making it susceptible to water absorption, mold and mildew, mold, as well as spots whereas rock resin bathtubs are resistant to all of the above and also extra. With this in mind, you’ll desire to clean your fiberglass bathtub frequently. Do not permit mold and mildew to take hold as eliminating it once it has penetrated the material could be challenging, otherwise impossible.

Likewise, the longevity of fiberglass is inferior to that of stone resin bathtubs. Like acrylic bathtubs, fiberglass bathtubs have the tendency to bend and really feel flimsy. The product might flex, bring about a feeling of instability.

Stone resin bathtubs have the side over fiberglass bathtubs concerning charm, resilience, warm retention, resistance, as well as comfort.

Stone Material vs. Porcelain Bathtubs

Porcelain bathtubs are made from steel sheets as well as feature a porcelain enamel finish. They often tend to be relatively lightweight and also quite usual. They are offered in conventional sizes, making setup easy, thinking you have a typical space. Shapes and design selections, nevertheless, are limited.

Both stone material as well as porcelain bathtubs are low maintenance and resilient. Cleansing porcelain requires treatment as for selecting ideal cleansers. As an example, white vinegar, which is frequently used to clean surface around the house, is as well acidic for the finish as well as might damage it. Much better choices include common liquid dishwashing soap, ammonia, lemon, lemon oil, or cooking soft drink. Similar to cleansing any bathtub, a regular cleaning schedule is highly recommended to make certain that your bathtub is without potentially damaging mold as well as microbes.

The porcelain surface of porcelain bathtubs is prone to chipping. Even even worse, corrosion will certainly soon create once the steel is subjected. Porcelain repair substances are available should a chip kind. Similarly, you can fix rock resin bathtubs.

Porcelain bathtubs are among the most traditional bathtubs, and they have a tendency to be an affordable selection. Rock resin bathtubs have the side regarding design, heat retention, toughness, maintenance, and also comfort.

If you’re looking for an elegant, resilient, and inexpensive bathtub that’s constructed to last, simple to keep, and a delight to make use of, take into consideration a rock material high-end freestanding bathtub.

Free-Standing Bathtubs: Advantages And Disadvantages

To alleviate the stress of every day life, lots of Americans are growing methods to unwind and de-stress in their very own houses by turning their washrooms right into spa-like shelters. New bathroom innovations– from steam showers, body sprays, and hydro-massage shower visit towel warmers, chromatherapy elements, and also radiant-heat floorings– have emerged recently to relieve worn out muscular tissues, loosen up the body, as well as calm the mind.

Central to most of today’s spa-inspired bathrooms are freestanding saturating bathtubs, which have changed the Jacuzzis and sunken yard bathtubs that were ubiquitous in layout a couple of years earlier. These old-style soaking tubs do away with the noise and also vigor of gurgling jets for a deep, quiet soak. The bathtubs additionally come in a large range of materials as well as surfaces, such as timber, copper, and enamel, and often feature accents like old-fashioned claw feet or natural, modern shapes.

According to New York designer Kent Brasloff, vice president of programs for the New york city chapter of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), free-standing bathtubs have actually mainly been a high-ticket item yet are now appearing a growing number of in the center market. “For those with the extra room, they make a good modification by including a sculptural aspect,” states Brasloff, that keeps in mind that these bathtubs are generally much better in a non-urban environment as a result of space as well as weight restrictions. “This sort of bathtub is a tricky suit apartment or condos, however in larger condos as well as single-family residences they could add a sensation of luxury and also the sophistication of ‘medspa,'” he claims.

Brasloff recommends choosing a bathtub made from a product ideal for your space. Cast iron tubs are very hefty, for instance, while those made of resin as well as fiberglass can be light by comparison. “Cast iron, nevertheless, keeps heat better than any kind of other product on the market and is readily available in a variety of colors– it is likewise amongst the very best at standing up to scraping, fading, and breaking,” Brasloff notes. “Fiberglass, on the other hand, is the least costly alternative when it come to price and also is very simple to install,” although fiberglass products have a “greater risk of scraping and also fading, as well as splitting.”.

Acrylic often tends to crack and also tarnish gradually however does give a variety of shapes, dimensions, as well as shades, pleasing to several preferences and also wallet-friendly, Brasloff adds. “Wood and stone are both strong selections that make an unique design declaration, yet both show top-of-the-market prices and also need a high degree of upkeep to keep their charm.”.

Relatively new to the market are strong surface area products that preserve heat well; be available in an unlimited selection of shapes, sizes, and also shades; as well as can be conveniently repaired. “Rates for these tend toward the high-end,” claims Brasloff. “As well as you can also anticipate fairly lengthy preparation with this product.”.

Antique copper and also brass tubs carry out warm at extremely high temperatures, are high-maintenance as well as incredibly expensive, however they can use either vintage or contemporary decorative effect and provide a magnificent prime focus.

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