10 Toxic, Sugar-Filled Granola Bars That You Should Never Eat

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People appear to have this misconception about “granola,” because several think it is always healthy. Granola is simply a blend of grains, oats, dried out fruit, and nuts, which appears excellent. Nevertheless, many manufacturers think they can put the cheapest, low-quality, active ingredients right into our food and call it “healthy.”.

This implies that not all granola bars are developed similarly. Numerous breakfast bars, energy bars, as well as granola bars come loaded with sugarcoated, fats, as well as few components that are really useful to our bodies.

If you typically aren’t already aware, ingredients are noted from highest amount to least expensive. This implies if the first few ingredients are sugars or various other additives, you’re essentially eating sugar with some granola on the side.

A top notch granola bar must be loaded with healthy protein, fiber, as well as beautiful vitamins– not simply sugars, carbohydrates, and also oil. Not to discuss, all the ingredients must be easily recognizable as well as found in nature.

What Are Granola Bars Frequently Constructed Out Of?

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Dried out and also candied fruit, sugar, manufactured sweeteners, preservatives, great deals of carbs, lots of oils, and also GMO ingredients. Naturally, all of these active ingredients are more than likely okay in tiny dosages.

Yet, eating a bar or more each day with every one of these ingredients inside is not the means to suppress hunger and provide your body the crucial structure obstructs it has to maintain your mind fresh and also your body energetic.

If you take a closer look at some of the listed below examples, you can see that lots of are filled with processed sugars in several forms: delicious chocolate, brownish rice sugar, sugar, corn syrup, and also simple ol’ bleached white sugar.

Once again, while several of these are fine when and a while, making this a staple of your diet can certainly raise some health dangers such as unbalanced spikes in blood sugar, which completely defeats the function of consuming a granola bar in the first place.

It has actually been shown that our brains do not know ways to process and eliminate active ingredients like refined sugars, which implies you’ll be left feeling sluggish, dazed, and also unfocused all the time.

Serious Health Risks

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If that had not been enough, eating these on the regular could also greatly raise your threat for far more significant health issue like diabetic issues. Diabetes is a metabolic condition where the victim is not able to generate any or enough insulin to maintain up with the sugars consumed into the body and also soaked up into the blood.

This results in a lack of ability to manage day-to-day blood glucose and also could result in fast and unhealthy weight loss as well as gain, extreme tiredness, an inability to heal cuts or swellings on the body, and numbness/tingling in the hands and also feet. On top of that, those at risk for diabetes mellitus are also generally linked with a boosted danger for cardiovascular issues.

With every one of that being said, please understand your body as well as just how it likes to operate. Feeding yourself points that your body can make use of to maintain it running solid is constantly an excellent idea. Consuming one of these bars on a seldom basis does not mean a boosted danger for diabetic issues.

A diet plan that rotates around an unproportionate sugar, oil, and carb can cause unsafe problems such as diabetes mellitus. Allow’s take an appearance at some bars that do not have your body’s finest interest in mind.

10 Granola Bars You Must Never Eat

1. Fiber One

Fiber One bars are stuffed loaded with a shopping list of components that your body doesn’t need. They had the lengthiest listing of active ingredients from any bars I state in this short article.

Points like corn syrup, puffed rice or corn, rice flour, and hand oil are all at the top of the active ingredients checklist. Certain, they are higher in fiber compared to a few other bars available, but with all the added junk that they do have, it’s just ineffective.

2. Quake Oats

Albeit marketed to kids, these bars truly typically aren’t healthy for any person. The first 5 ingredients are entire grain rolled oats, brownish sugar, rice flour, sugar, and salt. In addition to many bars have points like milk delicious chocolate, which just adds a lot more unnecessary sugars exactly on top. It’s a battle to locate anything of worth in any one of these bars.

3. Special K

I will offer Unique K credit report for having a good looking product. One bar called the “Nourish” bar seems far better compared to many large name bars. Nonetheless, it still has unwanted ingredients like corn syrup, sugar, fructose, as well as walking stick syrup. It does have a few healthy nuts like peanuts as well as almonds however still falls way short from bars that are absolutely healthy.

4. Clif

Clif bars are arguably developed for those who require a boost pre or post exercise. Someone that consumes this bar as a snack will not see much of a positive result. Clif bars are high in calories, sugars, and also carbohydrates. This may be excellent for a person going on a long term as well as could profit from some extra calories, but to the day-to-day Joe, all of their products are just way too much.

5. Kashi

Kashi is the best instance of why reading the label is so crucial. A few of Kashi’s items excel and others are simply downright frustrating. As an example, the Kashi Go Lean Plant Powered Bar in Salted Dark Delicious chocolate & Nuts includes a lot of active ingredients that need to be much reduced on the list or otherwise consisted of in all, particularly for a lean bar.

The first few active ingredients are cane syrup, pudding syrup, pea crisps, delicious chocolate, as well as peanut flour. It’s not the most awful bar on this list by any kind of ways, however it’s an excellent eye-opener for companies who claim to be healthy.

6. Area Perfect

I’m not also certain where to begin with Zone bars. They remain in no way form or create helpful for you. A newer item called the “Cinnamon Bun Cookie Dough” bar consists of 200 calories in one bar, 80 calories from fat, 50 grams of cholesterol, 210 grams of salt, and 14 grams of sugar. The components list is awful too. Just steer clear of from these in any way prices.

7. Balance

The Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat bar from Balance is essentially just what you would certainly see in a sweet bar. 23% of your day-to-day saturated fat demands are being met in one bar in addition to 22 grams of carbs and 12 grams of sugar.

If that had not been sufficient, you could also see ingredients like tapioca syrup, sugar, hand oil, cane syrup, butter, and also wild rice syrup … yikes.

8. Nature’s Valley

Their traditional Oats & Honey bar includes entire grain oats, sugar, canola oil, rice flour, honey, salt, brown sugar syrup, baking soft drink, soy lecithin, as well as “natural taste.” I assume that listing promotes itself. Other than the processed oats, there are no top quality components in this bar.

9. Odwalla

Likewise to Kashi, Odwalla’s ingredients aren’t all poor, however there are far also several of them. I counted about 15 totally ineffective active ingredients in the Apple Toffee Pistachio Chewy Nut Bar. Although the nutritional information does not look terrible, this is another bar that isn’t really doing a lot for your body.

If you want Pistachios, you would certainly be much better off simply purchasing some saltless ones.

10. Believe Thin

These bars are in the exact same classification as Zone Perfect. I attempted to choose a bar that sounded like it would certainly have much less scrap in it, but to my shock, the Lemon Pleasure bar has a tremendous 240 calories, 260 milligrams of salt, and also only has one active ingredient of any type of usage– almonds.

These bars boast regarding the 20 grams of protein inside, however just what you have no idea is that they obtain it from refined soy and also numerous various other unpleasant active ingredients.

7 Great Granola Bar Alternatives: To Get and also To Make

1. Kind

Kind has precisely the sorts of active ingredients that I want to see. The list is short as well as consists of only active ingredients that are wonderful for the body. Things like dried (as well as unsweetened) fruit and nuts. However, you may occasionally see some added glucose, which is a little bit unsatisfactory, yet these bars are still light years beyond several bars on this listing.

2. Larabar

I wish every bar were as remarkable as the Larabar. The initial bar in Apple Pie has 6 components: dates, almonds, cinnamon, bitter apples, walnuts, and also raisins. The sugars are a little bit high due to the dried out fruit, but overall each ingredient benefits the body and has an objective.

3. Wellness Warrior

These bars are very low in calories, regarding 100, and have a nice brief list of ingredients. They contain plenty of fruits and also nuts and also fewer carbohydrates as well as grains. The cornerstone is chia seeds, which have a wonderful amount of fiber to support healthy digestion.

4. Curate

Curate bars are complimentary from any type of GMO ingredients as well as don’t contain any kind of wheat, which is wonderful. The components had in benches might be a little bit better, but altogether, they are good. Things like quinoa, fruit, flaxseed, chia seeds, and also nuts fill the active ingredient listing, which is revitalizing, to claim the least.

5. Cascadian Ranch

Cascadian Farm makes a very traditional granola bar, however they do it much better compared to practically anybody else out there. Organic ingredients and also just 80 calories per bar show that they understand exactly what they’re doing. If they would update their components with some nuts, seeds, as well as berries, they ‘d be unstoppable!

6. Nature’s Path

The Qi’a superfoods bars are a superb instance of what to search for in a granola bar. Reduced sugar, high healthy protein, and a great amount of calories. Cashews, pumpkin seeds, as well as blueberries can be discovered in one such Qi’a bar. This reveals that quality ingredients make a quality bar.

7. Zing

The Cashew Cranberry Orange Bar is jam-packed loaded with healthy protein, being available in at 10 grams. It additionally has various other beautiful components like Cashews (as the initial component), cranberries, and also agave syrup. This bar is completely normally sweetened and is a fantastic pick-me-up for snackers and also gym bodies alike.

Basic DIY Granola Bar Recipes

The most effective way to know exactly what remains in your food is to make it yourself. If you’re tired of sifting with the ocean of awful ingredients you’re bound to discover on the shelf, check out one of these fast dishes for an enjoyable treat that you can square away in your home.

Raw Superfood as well as Seed Energy Bars

From Nourish the Roots and also why I love it. This bar is not messing around. It consists of 6 different kinds of nuts as well as seeds and also absolutely no sugar. The dates aid the bars stick together as well as provide everything the sweet taste that it needs. That is going to maintain your heart healthy and also maintain your brain sharp all the time.

Grain Free Granola Bars

From Drunked on Life and also why I enjoy it. For those of you that could be seeking even more of a standard granola snack, this is the one for you. The ingredients are really straightforward (there’s only 7 of them) as well as you can make this recipe deal with whatever components you pick. It asks for bitter fruit and also nut butter, but there are many to pick from!

Oat + Nut Chewy Granola Bars

From Edible Viewpoint as well as why I Love it. For a bar that looks so yummy, this set contains many great active ingredients. The hemp seeds are extremely high in healthy protein (10 grams per 3 tbsps) as well as so are the nuts and nut butter that you pick to add. This bar would be a fantastic pre-workout reward or just a grab as well as go treat.

So, there you have it! Remember, it isn’t constantly concerning what does it cost? sugar or fat remains in an item to establish its healthfulness. There are many other variables that add to a well-balanced treat.

Quality active ingredients are the initial points you need to seek in any type of rewarding granola bar. Now you know the very best as well as the worst granola bars around along with what to try to find when you’re at the grocery store.

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