Types of Pedestal Sinks (Buying and Installation Guide)

Regardless of all the developments in restroom vanity styles in current years, the pedestal sink is still immensely preferred as a sink alternative in shower rooms, specifically washroom (i.e. smaller sized bathrooms).

While presumably pedestal sinks might seem relatively basic, the truth is the range of alternatives is enormous. Pedestal sinks differ in dimension, color, coating, product, design as well as shape.

In fact, while the traditional white ceramic pedestal sink is still popular, there are many various other designs you could select from. Honestly shape and also product determines the appearance considerably (think glass, timber or metal pedestal sink).

In addition, pedestal sink layout continuouslies progress along with interior decoration evolution. As modern layout grows in popularity, there are now numerous modern-day pedestal sinks available.

Below is our pedestal sink getting guide in which we laid out the essential variables to think about when getting a pedestal sink, picture instances of the different types complied with by a comprehensive video clip tutorial on ways to set up a pedestal sink.

Benefits of Pedestal Sinks

  • Look wonderful;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Numerous alternatives– size, style, color and product. You can include something one-of-a-kind and also attractive in your shower room; and
  • Rather small so they are a great choice for tiny bathrooms (i.e. lavatory);.
  • Economical choices; as well as.
  • Perfect for washroom.

Negative Aspects of Pedestal Sinks

  • Hot and chilly water come out of various faucets (if you obtain the 3-hole pedestal sink). This downside is removed if you get a 1-hole pedestal sink;.
  • Can be harder to install due to having to conceal pipes in a smaller sized space;.
  • Does not have storage space; and also.
  • Lacks counter top space.

Ideal Types of Bathrooms for Stand Sinks

While our gallery of bathrooms with stand sinks display some master shower rooms with stand sinks, generally pedestal sinks are used in washroom. The factor for this is it’s great to develop a display with your powder area (usually utilized by visitors) and you don’t have the very same washroom storage demands in a washroom.

Below’s a photograph of a lavatory with a pedestal sink that truly makes the lavatory:

A. Pedestal Sink Capacities

Due to the fact that stand sinks stay preferred, specifically for powder spaces (which is a common area in today’s houses), there are numerous, as well as I imply several pedestal sink alternatives offered.

When picking a pedestal sink, there are numerous variables you should consider. They are the complying with.

1. Basin Size
Basin width refers to the size of the container (i.e. indebted) portion of the pedestal sink.

2. Basin Size
Container Length refers to just how deep the sink is.

3. Overall Size
Overall size refers to the size of the entire device.

B. Pedestal Sink Design & Design

1. Tap Hole Number
Describes whether it’s a solitary opening faucet of 3 opening tap. A three hole faucet has the spout plus 2 handles for water control. A single hole faucet has water control built right into the spout.

2. Colors as well as Finish
There are several pedestal sink and surface alternatives offered. The following is a chart laying out the most popular shades as well as coatings.

3. Pedestal Sink Products
I believe it’s extremely cool you could get pedestal sink basins in a variety of materials consisting of ceramic, glass, granite/stone as well as metal. The range of layouts as well as products is impressive allowing you to make your restroom appearance terrific simply from the pedestal sink you choose.

4. Pedestal Sink Shapes
There are 6 major pedestal sink forms. They are rectangular, rounded, oval, square, U-shaped and also certainly specialty shapes.

C. Kind Of Pedestal Sinks

Right here are photo instances of the different types of stand sinks:

  • Traditional Pedestal Sink Style
  • Wood Pedestal Sink
  • Modern Pedestal Sink
  • Metal Pedestal Sink
  • Granite Pedestal Sink
  • Contemporary Pedestal Sink Style
  • Ceramic Pedestal Sink
  • 3-Hole Pedestal Sink
  • 1-Hole Pedestal Sink

D. How You Can Mount a Pedestal Sink

Once you have your pedestal sink, just how do you install it?

You have 2 choices:.

Option 1: * Go below as well as hire someone.

Choice 2: Break out your toolbox and also reach function.

Right here’s a short video tutorial followed by a message and also image tutorial.

Why Pedestal Sinks Have Made a Return

What happens, goes about– that virtually explains stand sinks. After inhabiting a familiar location in bathrooms for lots of years, stands progressively befalled of style. Currently, they are surging back in popularity and also could be located in lots of homes. But why have these classic containers– which don’t obtain leading marks for practicality– ordered the attention of today’s house owners? Below’s a check out exactly what stand sinks are when they could be an excellent alternative.

Pedestal Sink Fundamentals

Pedestal sinks are made up of two items: the stand (i.e., the “leg”) and the sink container. Lots of house owners are shocked to find out that pedestal sink basins are supported by the wall along with the pedestal. The wall behind the desired sink place need to be strong enough to support the weight of the container. Additionally, the supply as well as drain pipelines have to enter the sink from the wall instead of the floor.

Why Select a Stand?

Pedestal sinks are much better matched to some kinds of washrooms over others. For beginners, they function flawlessly in any type of shower room where space is limited. This includes fifty percent bathrooms as well as lavatory. Baths that go for a duration design additionally can be a wonderful suitable for a stand. Many brand-new pedestal sinks are imitated typical styles, using an authentically classic search in a new system. Yet despite the design, pedestal sinks offer your bathroom a ventilated, open look, unlike the bulk of a vanity cabinet.

Why Not Get a Pedestal?

The clean, ventilated appearance of pedestals has a considerable drawback: no counter or storage area. Numerous pedestal sink basins have little level room for setting down a razor or make-up. This makes them a bad selection for hectic family members washrooms. Some designs do supply limited “counter” space through an apron around the basin bowl.

Square sinks generally feature the biggest aprons. When it comes to storage space, there is none. Anything that would certainly be stowed away in a sink vanity cupboard needs to go in a separate closet or closet or in a medication cupboard above the sink. If you’re considering changing from a vanity and sink to a stand, keep in mind that you might should change the floor covering, wall, wall surface covering, etc. behind and underneath the vanity space when the old vanity comes out.

Costs and also Buying Tips

You can discover pedestal sinks from concerning $130 and up. Among my faves is the square-aproned Kohler Archer. It has that classic look found in the old American Standard advertisements, and also it’s rather cost effective. When buying pedestal sinks, read the small print. Although the photo might reveal both a container and also stand, the given cost may use to just one of the items. Products defined as a sink pedestal are not the very same as pedestal sink. If the price appears also excellent to be real, it’s possibly except both pieces of a set.

Ways to Mount a Pedestal Sink

Seeking a washroom upgrade that’s as elegant as it is space-efficient? Look no additionally compared to the pedestal sink. Along with being a design classic, stand sinks are also easy to mount. Follow these simple actions to include a stand design to your shower room.

Before You Begin

Numerous pedestal sink manufacturers include installing guidelines. Make sure to check out these directions before beginning. Wrong setups could result in leaks and major damage to your bathroom’s wall surfaces.

Guidelines for Setup

Shut off the Water

Close off your old sink’s water system as well as activate the tap to air vent any kind of pressure or water left in the lines.

Detach the Water Lines

Place a bucket below your sink’s drain pipe and loosen the nuts. Enable any kind of excess water to drain and also remove the pipeline. Unscrew your sink’s water supply lines from the valves and established them apart.

Eliminate the Vanity

Cut the sealer along the backsplash. Eliminate the backsplash and set it aside if it’s separate from your vanity. Remove the sealer holding the top of the vanity to the base. Check to make sure all the drains pipes and supply lines are complimentary prior to lifting the vanity’s top.

All that’s left need to be the bottom of the vanity. Loosen the screws holding the base to the wall and pull it away. Set the vanity base far from your working area.

Check Your Pipes

Your plumbing add-ons need to show up.

Currently is the time to replace old equipment or move the add-ons to minimize their outline. It’s a great concept to work with a professional in order to help you relocate plumbing lines.

Install Support

Larger stand styles could need extra support behind your ended up wall. Your manufacturer’s directions should inform you whether you need extra backing.

Follow these directions if you do need added assistance:

  1. Mark the height of the sink on your wall surface.
  2. Cut as well as eliminate the drywall to expose your wall studs.
  3. Cut notches right into the studs to hold your assistance board. Make sure your extra assistance is flush with the studs.
  4. Screw the support board into the studs.
  5. Fix the opening with brand-new drywall or paint.

Center Your Sink

Find the centerline of your sink and also mark it on the floor. Next, mark 10 inches from the wall. Make sure to variable in the wall. Place your sink on the marks as well as push it tight versus the wall surface. Use a level to ensure your sink is flush.

Safeguard the Anchors

Mark the sink’s anchor and stand openings on the wall surface and also flooring, as well as pierce each opening. Set up hanger screws in the wall surface openings. Make certain the hanger bolts expand 1 inch from the wall surface. Make use of a lag bolt and washing machine to protect the pedestal to the floor. Prevent overtightening the screw.

Set up the Sink

Connect your tap and also drain to the sink as well as set the sink bowl over the wall mount screws. Tighten up the cap nuts as well as washers to safeguard the bowl to the wall surface. Reattach your pipes lines and switch on the water.

Points to Take Into Consideration When Acquiring a Pedestal Sink

Setting up a pedestal sink can really make your bathroom really feel a lot larger by maximizing a lot of room typically occupied by a vanity closet. Pedestal sinks can also be really affordable when redesigning a restroom. But before you rip out your old vanity to install a pedestal sink, there are some things to think about.

Purchasing a pedestal sink. Do some cautious window shopping. Are you mosting likely to pick one with a single faucet opening, 4″- facility tap or extensive? Are you going with something economical, mid-grade or top of the line? With so several produces of pedestal sinks, you could invest significant time discovering something that is best for you.

Will the pipes show up or concealed? Pedestal sinks set up with the plumbing noticeable could look simply fine, however it’s likewise possible for an installation to virtually entirely conceal the pipes. Do some research study as well as check out instances of both kinds of installations prior to choosing what you intend to do. Hiding the pipes will more than likely call for relocating the water and also drainpipe lines. If you are redesigning, it is relatively simple to move the water and drainpipe lines to the best area.

Yet if you wish to avoid the added job, maintain the place of the existing pipes in mind when you choose what stand to purchase. A larger pedestal can compensate and conceal a lot of the plumbing, so keep that in mind additionally.
What bracing is needed? After limiting your choices, inspect the maker’s supporting requirements. Supporting in the wall is often needed, so the wall surface might have to be opened for this. Maintain in mind that you could additionally need to anchor the base to the floor.

The elevation of the drainpipe line. Examine the specifications on the pedestal you are taking into consideration, as well as make certain the existing drain height is right. Additionally, examine to make sure that the area is focused where you desire it, due to the fact that you only have a minor amount of catch swing when installing a pedestal sink. The drain line is meant to fit straight behind the pedestal to ensure that it is hardly noticeable. If the height or area is not right, you will certainly have to move the drain in the wall surface, and also then complete the wall surface before mounting the pedestal sink.

Will you require special installations? Part of the drain will be noticeable from specific angles, and also it is nice if the finish of the catch matches the tap and also washroom trim. If you have a chrome tap, then you could desire a great chrome drainpipe trap and flange, as opposed to the black drain line that is occasionally seen under sinks. Some drainpipe coatings will be much more expensive as well as tougher to find compared to others, so consider this and do some research throughout the planning process. After that you will know exactly what rates to expect, where to get the components and the length of time it will certainly take prior to you start building.

Just what concerning the water lines? The water lines as well as valves should be tucked limited behind the base of the pedestal, when possible. The less you see of the drainpipe and water lines, the much better the pedestal will look. Just like the catch, the water lines and shut-off shutoffs should match the trim of the shower room, since they will show up from some angles. A lot of stand sinks without unique trim can look just fine, but do some research study to earn sure your pedestal setup looks the way you want it to.

Just what concerning the floor and walls? The flooring as well as the wall could not be finished behind the old vanity. If you are wanting to simply get rid of the vanity and also install the pedestal sink, you should see if the wall surface is repainted and the floor is done so the stand can be installed with minimal work.

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