Picnic Table Makeover with DecoArt

Ever because we moved from our townhouse with a small little patio area for a yard to our current residence I have actually desired for a having a picnic table in our yard. I might just envision Summertime evenings invested eating watermelon and popsicles with all my babies gathered around it.

A couple weeks ago I found a steal of a bargain on the ideal picnic table with benches already affixed. I discovered it in your home Depot for under $100 as well as they also delivered it already set up totally free! I had a Garden Celebration turning up so I just put a layer of blue spray paint on the top as well as benches as well as had to leave it at that momentarily.

Daily that I checked out it half completed such as this, I felt in one’s bones that my little table had a better calling. She could be so lovely and also after checking out the DecoArt site awhile I believed she would certainly just look outstanding with a faux weather-beaten finish using their Chalky Complete paint.

I painted the whole table with a coat of Chalky Complete paint in Relic. I like this paint due to the fact that a little goes such a long method and also it dries so quickly that it makes any type of project just fly by.

After that I gently dipped a 3 inch paint brush in Chalky Complete Paint in Serene as well as swabbed it on a paper plate to make sure that the color would barely move to the table. I applyed light brush strokes over the entire table till I attained the wanted weather-beaten look.

As soon as I finished applying the weathered surface I let it dry then used 2 coats of the DuraClear matte varnish. When I considered making use of varnish I envisioned a thick, goopy, sticky compound that would certainly be a big pain to function with. I was so surprised at just how very easy this varnish was to utilize! It’s water based so it’s even more fluid and a breeze to apply as well as tidy up.

I am so crazy with exactly how the lighter shade grabs all the imperfections of the timber. There is such beauty in them.

I need to admit that I was really frightened by this project. I fretted that I would absolutely ruin the weathering method, but it was a lot enjoyable and also an overall breeze. I am having good friends over on Saturday and I can not wait to appreciate some excellent laughs and also memories around my ideal little picnic table.

The best ways to Tarnish a Picnic Table

It’s that time of year once more and also I simply finished discoloration my picnic table for an additional year of memories around this table! I assumed it may be great to bring this message back to remind you how very easy it is to bring back and tarnish that picnic table. I hope these suggestions help!

Have you ever tarnished a picnic table prior to? This was our very first year tarnishing our table and I wanted to show you some tips on ways to tarnish a picnic table so you could enjoy everything summertime long. Thanks to a coat of stain, our table looks as well as really feels similar to new and I cannot wait to reveal you just exactly how very easy it is to do.

Have you ever spotted something in a publication and just recognized you needed to have it … yet, you could locate it nowhere? Several years earlier, I flipped through a magazine as well as spied a picnic table that Katie Brown owned that was in her backyard and also I felt in one’s bones I wanted a table like that. After inquiring on Facebook, we found a gentleman in the area who makes barbecue tables as well as after informing him exactly what I pictured, he developed this lovely table for us that comfortably rests eight to 10 individuals. When I look out my home window, this makes me so pleased and also the dishes shared at this table are exactly what summer season is everything about.

To maintain her looking excellent, we chose to freshen her up for one more year of household meals.

Supplies Needed:

  • Thompson’s Waterseal Waterproofing Discoloration (we did our table in Nutmeg Brown in Semi-Transparent).
  • Ground cloth.
  • Knit Rags.
  • Painting Tray.
  • Foam & Paint Brush.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Durable Cleaner.


1. Prior to we start, we have to prep our surface area. Making use of a heavy-duty cleaner, spray and also clean down your table to remove any type of dust as well as crud. Make sure that you clean the entire surface area well and also then wait 10-15 mins, or until the table is totally dry, to start tarnishing. You never intend to discolor the table while it is damp so be certain that you are not trying to stain after a hefty rain.

2. Given that our item remained in great condition, it did not need any sanding. If your piece requires to be smoothed though, make use of a tool grit sandpaper sanding in the instructions of the grain. This could be finished with a tiny hand sander or could be done manually. When you are made with that, completed with a finer grit of sandpaper to smooth out any rough locations as well as offer the table an even, smooth finish for the discolor. Once it is sanded, see to it to make use of a tack fabric to remove any kind of sanding.

3. Once your item has been cleansed and prepped, it is time to start applying tarnish. With the Thompson’s Water Seal Waterproof Discoloration you do not wish to thin this. See to it that you drink well and also shake, mix or mix completely in the past as well as sometimes throughout usage. Before you begin discoloring, make certain you attempt a trial run with a tiny test spot in a low-profile place, like the underside of your bench or table, to earn sure that the tarnish is the shade you are choosing.

Apply making use of an outside paint pad, brush, roller, or perhaps a dustcloth to start using the discolor to your table. If you are doing the legs and underside of the table, lay down your ground cloth and also invert your piece and do the bottom initially. Allow the bottom to dry, it should take much less compared to two hrs to be completely dry, and after that begin tarnishing the top.

5. Utilize your foam brush to obtain into the detail components and legs of your table, utilizing a cloth to remove any kind of drip marks on completions.

6. Enable your table to completely dry for two hrs.

This table looks much like brand-new again and it only cost me $30 in supplies. Considering that barbecue tables do reside outside, they are exposed to all of the weather condition aspects, which suggests you have to discolor your table every so often. This discolor generally will last 2 to 3 years, yet potentially less time than that, depending upon if your picnic table is in straight sunlight. The residential properties of sunshine can dry the stain as well as trigger it to weather much quicker. It additionally has a great deal to do with just how much freezing and also thawing occurs, which in our area, seems to take place usually!

I’m so pleased with my table and also I hope it motivates you to refresh up your very own picnic table for Springtime. Talking of discoloration, I am still SO pleased with this discolored table I produced for our workplace. If you are seeking suggestions on indoor discoloration, make sure to check out that post!

Also frightened by discolor? Look into just how I spray repainted my side table and also how we painted our kitchen table that is STILL going solid after all these years. As well as it never ever hurts to reupholster those chairs while you go to it!

Alluring Picnic Table Suggestions

Whether you have an exterior room that you prefer to flaunt or you similar to have parties and also celebrations outside, you will certainly require a place for every person to rest. The essential outside eating area is a picnic table.

The basic picnic table is virtually synonymous with exterior dining and also comes in a variety of variations and also styles. The common picnic table has two benches affixed to a table section. It is a traditional layout that could be found in nearly any kind of park.

A row of picnic tables is the excellent enhancement to your lawn to host a bbq or party. Barbecue tables function well due to the fact that they can typically fit lots of people around a common sitting area. It is fantastic for picnics as well as different outdoor events.

What are the pros and also cons of a picnic table?


Host outdoors– When you have a nice area to rest and consume outdoors, your events and also events will certainly be a breeze in good weather condition. Nobody wishes to keep their loved ones cooped up inside on a gorgeous day.

Pleasant– If you desire your backyard to be a cozy and also welcoming room, a picnic table could be a fantastic addition. Having an area to set things down and to rest and socialize is the best means making certain that guests will be attracted to your backyard area.


Storage– If you remain in a climate that regularly gets rain and/or has snowy winters months you might need to take actions to shield your tables. If the material you select for your table is resilient you might not have to fret about this as much. For those that do, it may be as easy as using a cover to put over the table in inclement weather. In some climates you might should have a storage area for your furnishings throughout winter.

Area– If your space is minimal your table choices may be limited too. It can additionally limit your room to position a table and seats in that location.

A standard and basic picnic table made of wood can set you back just $80. A lot more complex tables made of various materials cost rather a little bit much more. You could go all out for a high-end picnic table that will certainly finish up costing you upwards of $1200.

Wicker seats goes fantastic with distressed as well as worn timber. This produces a consuming place that feels both modern-day and also comfy however also has a feeling of background and age.

Here is a table as well as benches with a very easy and also geometric design. This table sits poolside, which is an outstanding location for a consuming place. You never wish to be far from your swimming place when you have a swimming pool such as this.

A picnic table works best paired with a fire pit. You could kick back the pit food preparation over the open fire and take simply a few steps to eat with your loved ones. Exactly what is better on a cozy summertime night?

Coastline Design Deck by

This small deck is set with a simple as well as very little table as well as benches. If you love taking in nature in all its glory, eating outdoors is the very best concept in good weather condition.

Traditional Patio area

Also if your lawn does not have a mountain or sea view you can set up a table in your backyard. You could still appreciate your very own yard and even a cityscape view.

Eclectic Landscape

Long tables are terrific for huge celebrations. There is much less influence on area with longer and thinner tables. The excellent table is an equilibrium of space, aesthetic appeals, as well as readily available seats. You must find the table that functions best with your area.

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